WELCOME to A Bigger Play

Clients come to me because there’s something they’ve been wanting to do – usually for a long time.  But somehow, they’re not making it happen.  It’s something they care deeply about – and yet other matters continue to take priority.  “Someday’, they say.  “Later”, they sigh.  But never right now. With my help, we unearth the heart of the vision, what’s getting in the way, and what’s needed to turn it into a project.

We all find ourselves at times in life unsure what our next best step is, with an itch to do something special and deeply personal.  I’ve certainly been there – more than once.   But in life there is always the opportunity to regroup and find your next right thing – and then do it with love and commitment.

If this is the time in which you find yourself, where you’re hoping for a new connection to yourself and a new way of manifesting in your world, I can help you.  Help you to unearth your dream  from where it’s been hibernating on a top shelf of your closet  – make a plan of action to manifest it in the world   – and catalyze you into high gear.

If you’d like to explore whether this might be your time, let’s connect..

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