What Clients Say


What I most value in working with Anne is her role as my sounding board.  When you work mainly on your own as I do, it’s hard to find someone to bounce things off of – someone who’s smart enough and also willing to give it to you straight, whether they agree or think it’s a bad idea.   Besides that and very valuable for my business is Anne’s role as what I call my very smart project management system.   She keeps me on track working on the right things, supports my business development efforts, maintains my website and blog, got my book (Succeeding At SaaS: Computing in the Cloud) published, and supervises my other team members.  I know that I can count on her to do anything that I need to offload in my business – and that she will do it exceptionally well.

Anne is such an indispensable part of my business that it is hard to capture in a few sentences.  I rely on Anne for project management for strategic projects (e.g. book publication, newsletters, website, blog), strategic editorial input into my writing (books, blogs, newsletters), brainstorming partner on almost any subject, and day to day support for my teaching, writing and consulting/ coaching business. Her value to me lies in how Anne connects my strategic vision to day-to-day project management, understands the entire scope of ideas I’m interested in, helps craft my voice, supports my time management for creative and client space, sorts out my many options and puts together a project plan for us to execute together, and, by knowing my strengths and blind spots, keeps me focused and out of trouble. Often, just by the quality of her listening, I am able to talk through a problem or opportunity with her while benefiting from the great perspective she adds. RON WILDER CEO, ALIGNED ACTION, INC   www.alignedaction.com

I have been an Executive and Business Coach and Consultant who specializes in Leadership Development and President of a woman-owned Executive Search and Staffing Company. When we decided to launch our New Agreements Coach Training Institute, I knew that I could count on Anne for exquisite service to our launch, to our clients, and to our growth. She has served us every step of the way with competence, service, and love. Thank you, Anne.


Having Anne as my team has not only taken the chores out of my coaching practice, but has added credibility and professionalism to it. As a solo practitioner, it’s so great to be able to say to clients “let us know how we can help you.” With Anne on board, I have a partnership and my business is so much more fun and effective with a partner.  Anne’s an interesting mix, combining very strong credentials with a light hearted approach -a fusion of ‘take the easy road’ and ‘get your ass in gear.’ I trust Anne where I can let go of the reins. I needed somebody who could have fun with me and not take life too seriously, but when life needs to get serious . . . Anne does. I love the regularity, clarity, efficiency and continuity she has brought to my business.
JEFF CORBETT, COACH    www.jeffreycorbett.com

I am a sole proprietor of a growing business which means that I used to do it all – marketing, accounting, office administration, webmastering, and designing and delivering programs and products. Since Anne started with me, I have achieved a large number of important business milestones.  Anne has helped me get very organized on what I need to do, where I need to be going, and how to keep track of multiple lines of focus for my business. She has also been available as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, test out proposals, and listen to my worries. Because I’m in business for myself, this is enormously helpful.  Anne has handled many of the details of my business, both routine matters and important initiatives. I really credit where my business is today to Anne’s assistance. I simply couldn’t have done it without her.

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