The Tortoise is Still Beating the Hare

Working with a client today and the need to go slow to go fast in his business was slapping him upside the face. I know just how he’s feeling because it’s been slapping me, too – specifically with my flugelhorn.  For one year, my teacher has emphasized that in practicing the flugel, which takes great […]


A few weeks ago on American Idol, top six contender Lauren Alaina, had a breakthrough.  In fact, her voice broke.  And that was a good thing. How’s that?! Background:  The judges have been pushing Lauren to go further – that good as she is, she hasn’t hit her greatness yet, because fear is holding her […]

Intention is a Verb

About a year ago, I started playing the flugelhorn. I didn’t even know what  a flugelhorn was (think Chuck Mangione) until a few weeks before I went online, bought a horn, and starting playing.  I’m a pianist, so blowing a horn is new to me. But with the assist of a great teacher, Ross Hill, […]

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