Operations / Thought Partner / Catalyst



I work as a thought partner, operations manager, trusted advisor, and force multiplier.  I help my clients to get their work out in the world, to build and manage their businesses, and carry out their creative projects.

To give them A Bigger Play.

So that your ideas circulate, your impact builds, and your business soars.

 What else do I bring to your table?

I combine the capacity to discover and hold tightly to your vision, dream, or strategy and, at the same time, work concretely, thoroughly, and systematically. As I’m creating systems, setting priorities, and completing projects, I’m always asking myself – and my clients – what does this have to do with the larger picture of what you are trying to accomplish? Does this move it forward or is it a distraction?  Is our plan a good one for this stage, or do we need to correct the plan and adjust our approach?

Collaboration is the essence of my work style and a key delight for me in my work. I’m also big-hearted, intuitive, sharply intelligent, and a natural coach.

If I sound like someone you’d like to consider having on your team, let’s connect.

Phone:  (617) 232-3644


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