How Come I only see some of my friends, some of the time, on Facebook?  This is a question I’ve been wondering about for quite some time.  Thanks to this article by BookBaby, I think I finally have the outlines of an answer.  The article is great– but for those of you who want the Cliff notes version, here goes:

It’s all about News Feed and Engagement. More Engagement, more EdgeRank, so that  more of your posts show up on your fans News Feed.

Note: Engagement means Like, Share, or Comment.  So your job is to do everything in your power by the quality of your posts to get that engagement.

How do you get your EdgeRank to eat its Wheaties and power up?

UP TO YOUR FANS (Business Pages) and FRIENDS(Personal Pages) to do:

  1. When a fan (or friend) engages with your post, they are more likely to see your later posts – in their News Feed.
  2. When lots of people engage with your post EARLY ON, later on fans/friends are most likely to see your posts – in their News Feed.


  1. Pin your post to the top of your page (it stays there for 7 days)
  2. Make the post a milestone on your timeline
  3. Use photos, links, and videos plus fabulous content to maximize engagement
  4. You can even geo-target your posts
  5. Post frequently (PostRocket Blog suggests more than once per day)

Go  here for more on What You Can Do to Increase Engagement.

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