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A Bigger Play has just published a ground-breaking book:

Expert Witness: Breaking the Policemen’s Blue Code of Silence

In this book, the author, Tony Bouza, former Minneapolis Police Chief, describes his experiences as an expert witness testifying on behalf of people harmed by the police. Navigating the maze of “testilying” and cover-ups is difficult.  Penetrating the hermetically sealed culture of the police world is both daunting and beyond the reach of outsiders, but in this book, Bouza has pierced the Policemen’s Blue Code of Silence. This book is a must read both for the lay person fascinated by police work and crime stories as well as for the professional.

Mesmerizing—that is the only word for the effect Tony Bouza has on his readers and listeners. His ears and eyes for detail bring you into the moment of any story, no matter how poignant or tragic. Anyone who wants to understand American policing must read Tony Bouza’s testament.”  Professor Lawrence Sherman, Director, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University, England

 “There is no one I know who loves American policing more passionately and more critically than Chief Anthony Bouza.”  Chief Dean Esserman, New Haven Police Department, New Haven, CT

Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle

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