Let the Dog Drive

Heard on a radio interview with Teitur, a music artist, yesterday.  His new album is called “Let the Dog Drive Home”. What do you mean by that, asked the interviewer. Teiture said it’s about letting go of control and relaxing into the flow. I’ve shortened it and I say we should all: LET THE DOG […]

The Tortoise is Still Beating the Hare

Working with a client today and the need to go slow to go fast in his business was slapping him upside the face. I know just how he’s feeling because it’s been slapping me, too – specifically with my flugelhorn.  For one year, my teacher has emphasized that in practicing the flugel, which takes great […]


A few weeks ago on American Idol, top six contender Lauren Alaina, had a breakthrough.  In fact, her voice broke.  And that was a good thing. How’s that?! Background:  The judges have been pushing Lauren to go further – that good as she is, she hasn’t hit her greatness yet, because fear is holding her […]

Intention is a Verb

About a year ago, I started playing the flugelhorn. I didn’t even know what  a flugelhorn was (think Chuck Mangione) until a few weeks before I went online, bought a horn, and starting playing.  I’m a pianist, so blowing a horn is new to me. But with the assist of a great teacher, Ross Hill, […]

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