Facebook EdgeRank: How Do I Get My Facebook Feed to Eat its Wheaties?

How Come I only see some of my friends, some of the time, on Facebook?  This is a question I’ve been wondering about for quite some time.  Thanks to this article by BookBaby, I think I finally have the outlines of an answer.  The article is great– but for those of you who want the […]

Does Your Business Card have a QR Code Yet?

One of the latest technologies to find its way onto business cards (and many other places) is the QR code. I think it’s a must for your new business card. It used to be that your business card might be the most important (and least expensive) way that people could contact you – pre-internet. Biz […]

Blog Squared, Blog Tripled, Blog Quadrupled

Multi-media’s the name of the game now. Watching TV on your computer. Tweeting on your phone. Catching Netflix movies on your TV. For bloggers, this multi-media world allows us to amplify the impact of everything we write, by connecting our social media, so that one blogpost broadcasts to multiple social media sites automatically. Note: This […]

Amplify Your Blog with Pings and Pingbacks

[Note: This post is discussing pinging in the context of WordPress blogs. If you are using a different service, these features may function differently, although the concepts are the same.] Ping has entered into our new vocabulary – in a non-technical sense. “Just ping me when you’re ready to leave the party” my friend says, […]

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