Multi-media’s the name of the game now. Watching TV on your computer. Tweeting on your phone. Catching Netflix movies on your TV.

For bloggers, this multi-media world allows us to amplify the impact of everything we write, by connecting our social media, so that one blogpost broadcasts to multiple social media sites automatically.

Note: This applies whether your blog is primarily words, photographs, video, or audio, or a mix.

In this multi-optioned world, different folks gravitate to different media choices: one mainly tweets; the other is more of a Facebook person; the third prefers viewing blogs online; the fourth only reads what shows up in his email box.

The good news is that there are many tools to help you get your message out wherever these different types hang out – and most of these tools will automate the process for you. All you’ll need to do is post to your blog and bam! Out that posts goes to – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

One caveat. Please be aware that at the end of the day, you’re trying to build relationships, not just be everywhere online. You’ll also need to figure out how to be part of online conversations, build connections, and yes, have conversations. These tools can support, but not replace that.

Here’s a quick outline of how to take your blog posts and automate them to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There are many other tools and options, and dozens of other social media sites, but this is a good basic place (and may be sufficient for many.)

So get these working, start joining conversations, and build those relationships!

There are two basic set up options for how to set this up:

Option One: (This is the one I use.)

  1. You blog.
  2. Your blog sends a message to Twitter about your blog post.
  3. Twitter sends a message to Facebook and LinkedIn about your blog post.

Option Two:

  1. You blog.
  2. Your blog sends a message to Twitter about your blog post.
  3. Your blog sends a message to Facebook about your blog post.
  4. Your blog sends a message to Linked about your blog post.


• Use the Twitter Tools Application (“App”) plugin in your WordPress site. Twitter Tools also gives you the option to display recent tweets on your blog page.

If you’re using the Twitter Tools App described above, then by adding a Twitter to LinkedIn tool, your blog will also post to LinkedIn.
• Here’s one automated option, a Twitter App known as Install Tweets, which will also post your tweets to LinkedIn (including your already automated tweets about each new blog post.) You can find out about it here and you can go from there to your LinkedIn account to set up Install Tweets. It has additional features you could explore: “With Tweets, you can now display your most recent tweets on your LinkedIn profile. Tweets also gives you instant access to the updates of people you are following on Twitter and the power to tweet, reply, and re-tweet — all from your LinkedIn home page.”
• Or you can use the LinkedIn Application called Tweets, which you’ll find on your LinkedIn account profile under Apps and again, will post your tweets to LinkedIn.

• If you want your blog post to become a Status Update in LinkedIn – and the reason you might is because anyone receiving weekly email LinkedIn updates will see your post in their email box – you’ll need to manually add a post about your new blog to your Status Update each time you post. Log in to LinkedIn, go to Status Updates, and write about your blog post with a link to the post.
• The advantage to this approach is that anyone receiving LinkedIn email updates will be notified of your blog post in their email box.
• On the other hand, even if you use this feature, I’d also recommend you link your blog to LinkedIn automatically, because then every blog post will also be featured in your LinkedIn profile. Anyone who wants to learn more about you on LinkedIn will see all your blog posts there.

Once you’ve set up your blog to post to Twitter, by setting up your Twitter to post to Facebook as well, you’re also posting your blog post to Facebook.
• While in Facebook, search for Twitter and you’ll see the Twitter App. Click on the Twitter App and it will redirect you to log into your Twitter account and allow the connecting of Facebook and Twitter. Once enabled, your Tweets will post to your Facebook page.

• Use LinkedIn’s Blog Link App. It is available from your LinkedIn profile under Applications. Once you’ve added this application, each time you post to your blog, the blog post will also be added to your LinkedIn profile.

• You can use a plugin: for example Wordbook, which updates your FB wall with each of your blog posts. Or you can use Simple Facebook Connect plugin. If you go into your WordPress site and search for plugins for Facebook, you’ll find there are many other Facebook plugins. However, a warning: WordPress plugins are created by independent developers, and may or may not be effective or compatible with your site. They also require a higher level of technical knowledge to use, and as WordPress versions get updated, the plugins may fail.

There are two main services – one free and one paid – that will allow people to subscribe to your blog and receive their blog updates by email. The free one is called Feedburner and is widely used and easy to add to your blog. The other one is Feedblitz, a much more robust – and paid – service. Next week, I’ll review the features of each service and discuss why you might choose one or the other. Hint: This choice is also related to your newsletter strategy.

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