A few weeks ago on American Idol, top six contender Lauren Alaina, had a breakthrough.  In fact, her voice broke.  And that was a good thing.

How’s that?!

Background:  The judges have been pushing Lauren to go further – that good as she is, she hasn’t hit her greatness yet, because fear is holding her back.  She’s already a powerful voice and artist at only 16 years old.  But to win, she needs to take her music further and she’s afraid that if she sings with more power, she’ll mess up the notes.

But after some good coaching (thank you, coaches!), Lauren got out there on performance night and let it rip.  And yes, her voice cracked.

So why was this good?  Listen to the judges:

Jennifer Lopez: “I’m so proud of you, it brings tears to my eyes, because I saw you pushing – and those barriers are so hard for performers . . . with our insecurities… and you got up there and you pushed and I heard your voice crack a little bit and I felt proud.”

Steven Tyler:  “When your voice broke, that’s when you shined. . . keep breaking like that, because that shows the character in your voice.”

This lesson applies to all of us, musicians and non-musicians alike.

We are all faced with barriers – made up of our own fears and insecurities.  To step into a greater place, to move beyond and become more, we, too, have to be willing to ‘crack.’  If we want to avoid that, we can play it safe, but the price is to never truly mine our own personal gifts.  To never truly “show the character in our ‘voice’.”

The next time I’m up against one of those barriers, I’m going to remember those words:  “Let your Voice Crack”  – and go for it.

How about you?

p.s.  See Lauren’s night here

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